Friday, 22 May 2015

Rafa-kids pre-teenagers boy’s room

black stool from Rafa-kids - styling Paulina Arcklin
Rafa-kids pre-teen room - styling Paulina Arcklin

My older son is now 8 and a half and I notice that on one hand he is still pretty childish but on the other he would like to be so cool and independent. He would go to bed with his favourite little bear, hang his favourite drawings around him and then only the sophisticated black shirt is an option for a day outfit.  Do you recognise this ? For me it is sort of in between phase of life , which I think can be called - pre-teen.  His room is then also a bit of mix of things from different ages and that’s what we also tried to imagine in our studio. Pre-teenager’s room with Rafa-kids’ black K desk and X stool. You can see his lego boxes, which he absolutely loves, pillows and cuddly, and a bit of messy space, because he doesn’t care so much….
We believe the K desk can be used for many years to come, because it is such a sophisticated furniture piece, for kids of any age. 

Special thanks to Paulina Arcklin for this inspiring day and styling the pictures and to Maike Timmerman, for this beautiful wooden snake / designfuersheim

Rafa-kids pre-teen room / K desk black - styling Paulina Arcklin
Rafa-kids pre-teen room / K desk black - styling Paulina Arcklin
industrial storage in kids room - styling Paulina Arcklin
Rafa-kids pre-teen room - styling Paulina Arcklin

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Paul Smith first Junior store in Paris

Paul Smith first Junior store in Paris
Paul Smith first Junior store in Paris
Paul Smith Junior
Paul Smith Junior

Paul Smith is for me a style icon. If you have a moment to read interview with him, please do here. You will not regret it! He has such an inspiring personality not only in fashion world. I absolutely adore the fact that he has his feet on the ground after reaching such an amazing success. 
Very recently Paul Smith opened his first Junior store in Paris. We can mark this place on the map and definitely step by, if we will be visiting the city next time! And why he has a railway set in the front window ? 

“ … I’ve always wanted to have working railway set in the windows of one of my shops (…) 
But now, in the new Junior shop I have a full custom-made Hornby train set and I love it! It's already proving very popular with some young passers by…(…)"

Paul Smith Junior
Paul Smith Junior

photo’s via : paul-smith-junior-em-paris

Monday, 18 May 2015

Bohemian Vibe in children’s rooms

children rooms inspiration from Rafa-kids
kids rooms with Bohemian Vibe
accessories for kids rooms to create Bohemian Vibe - photo William Campbell
bohemian style kids bedroom
bohemian style kids bedroom with design classic furniture

Today our Monday’s inspiration for you, is a bit different from what you used to see here. No more perfect mix-match children’s rooms deco.  We go for ‘Boho Vibe’. 

Term ‘Bohemian’ in a modern usage is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic lives. Bohemian decorating is very personal and original. Their owners often travel to exotic places around the world, collect original finds and take it back to transform their homes. These spaces are defined with a lot of textiles, colour and art . The style is just perfect to create casual and playful kids’ rooms. Bohemian decoration is made with a lot of creativity, it can be more minimal ( what I prefer) or can be a real explosion off colour and texture. We will spot different furniture , classic designer’s pieces, vintage finds and modern deco.  I’m more than sure that if we would let kids create their own space, they would turn ‘Bohemian’ very fast , since they are little artists themselves. 
I wish you a great week ahed. 

bohemian style kids bedroom in Amsterdam
kids room with bohemian vibe
bohemian style inspiring kids rooms
bohemian style inspiring kids room

bohemian style inspiring kids room

Picture’s are from :  1/2 /3 /4 /5 /6  ( 7- 8 - 9

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Botanic Watercolor painting

my deer art Botanic Watercolor painting
Botanic Watercolor painting

I can imagine , that not all off us have green fingers and time to take care of the plants, right ? The new Watercolor Painting from My Deer Art are a great alternative or addition to your green friendly home. The trend of “ urban jungle” and adopting greenery into our interiors is very strong at the moment…which I accully like and appreciate a lot! It’s never enough of the beautiful shapes and textures of leaves and plants around me. I’m so thankful to have a city garden that I can open the doors to and enjoy it each day…..

Botanic Watercolor painting

Friday, 15 May 2015

day at Avifauna

Loris parrots in avifauna in the Netherlands

After 2 weeks of holiday we have few days off again. Like you see on the pictures, we didn’t have to go to Australia to feed this little australians Loris parrots….Avifauna is a park with birds from all around the world and I can highly recommend it for a visit with kids. The place is small and you can easy walk around even with smaller kids and discover the world of exotic animals and even feed them! Loris parrots are eating nectar from flowers. In Avifauna you can get a little cup with magic mixture for this colourful parrots…and you will get trouble to drive away from them! My boys absolutely loved it. 
Happy weekend to all of you! 

Loris parrots in avifauna in the Netherlands
Loris parrots in avifauna in the Netherlands
Loris parrots in avifauna in the Netherlands

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Smallable magazine

Smallable magazine Photos Pierre Rochand Styling Léonie Escolivet
summer 2015 Smallable magazine Photos Pierre Rochand Styling Léonie Escolivet
Smallable magazine Photos Pierre Rochand Styling Léonie Escolivet

How many children’s stores you know which make each season their own e-magazine?  
Well, not that many in my option. Cécile Roederer, owner of the Smallable says “ The magazine is precisely their DNA, the essence of their universe. “ I think it’s the most interesting way to show the style of the store and to inspire your customers.   “I love the idea of a concept store.  When you say concept store, you are saying not just a shop but the discovery and creation of an entire lifestyle” . 

Smallable, is an online kids’ department store for 0-16 years old, and offers very well selected kids’ designer clothes, and also kids’ furniture and interior design accessories for bedrooms, nurseries and teenagers! This inspiring pictures are made by Pierre Rochand and styling is made by Léonie Escolivet for the new summer season magazine. 

For an interesting interview with Cécile Roederer please have a look here: nettementchic

Smallable magazine Photos Pierre Rochand Styling Léonie Escolivet
Smallable magazine Photos Pierre Rochand Styling Léonie Escolivet

Sunday, 10 May 2015

yellow touch in children's room

yellow colour in kids room

rafa-kids accessories in yellow colour for kids room

loft bunk bed from rafa-kids
you are my sunshine

I’m back! 
It was a long break, wan’t it?  Did you miss my posts a bit? 
Well I’m ready to get back to you with new inspirations, ideas and interesting content.

Let’s start our new week with a splash of joy, happiness and energy of yellow colour. 
It’s not a big secret that Rafa-kids likes yellow a lot and tries to add it to a children’s rooms here and there. A bit of yellow will brighten your child’s room very quick. What about a little yellow pillow, bedding set or this wonderful “you are my sunshine” text on the wall ?  The days are longer and warmer now, and I  always feel like changing things around me and add a bit of colour into our monochromatic house. Would you dare to? 
I wish you a wonderful new week ahead! 

Great tips how to decorate with black&yellow , please have a look here. 

teenager room from rafa-kids
clothes hanger for children
yellow bunk bed
yellow accessories in kids room

Photo’s  inspiration : 1 - 2 -3 - 4 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

switch off

There will be a little break and silence in the coming 2 weeks here on the blog. 
I decided to ‘switch off ’ my internet channels and activities. 
I noticed that I’m very much addicted to an online world and I need to step out of it to get some distance. In a week time we are leaving for a short holiday with all our family, so I just wish to leave my phone home and be somewhere without the internet connection. 
I think this way I could find a rest, recharged and find a new energy for the creativity. 
See you in a while. 

photo by Matthew Scherfenberg

Thursday, 16 April 2015

salonedelmobile for kids

Ki.D.S., During the Milano Design Week 2015
Ki.D.S., During the Milano Design Week 2015
Milano Design Week 2015 for kids

It looks like this week is all about the Salonedelmobile in Milan, at least in the interior design world. 

Well, for some others it’s just a normal, very busy working week…
Thanks to strong social media presence of such events,  you can see a lot of news directly from people/brands which are visiting the fair. I spotted this beautiful blue room at Nidi’s Facebook page. The pictures are coming from Ki.D.S., the new event dedicated to kids design! During the Milano Design Week 2015. I find it very magical and perfect for bringing us into relaxed and dreamy mood….
it’s almost Friday! yeeea

Milano Design Week 2015 for kids
picures by © Valentina Sommariva